Here at Craghead we offer a variety of services in order to serve our clients in the best way. We do commercial work for any job that you may have:

Curb and Gutter

We lay curb and gutter using a Slip Form Paver Curb and Gutter machine the is capable of various molds and applications. Click here for more info.


We offer plenty of services to our clients that would like flatwork done. What is flatwork? Concrete flatwork conists of driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc. Click here for more info.


We do concrete paving and PCCP concrete paving. Click here for more info.


Here at Craghead, we only want to offer the best to our clients. Due to that philosophy of ours, we offer a Slip Form Sidewalk machine that can lay up to 2000 feet in a single day! That big project you want done can be completed in an efficient way. Click here for more info.

Utility Collars

We offer a few different services that we can do for this. Some examples of utility collars are manholes, or monuments.

Grade work

We prep the grade for all types of flatwork. You want to make sure your concrete will be stable and reliable. That’s where we come in.

Barrier ThatKeepYouSafe

Our Slip Form curb machine has a barrier form for making roadway barriers.

Commercial footings and foundations

We make sure that your foundations and footings will be stable and secure. A strong foundation will make sure that your building is standing for a long time.

Commercial Concrete walls

We can make concrete walls for your building.